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Actionstep Services

Workflow design, creation and maintenance

Actionstep workflow is what makes Actionstep such a powerful tool. I can help you determine the steps you require in the different workflows required for each separate arm of your business, as well as where automated tasks and emails will help keep things on track.
I can teach key staff members how to create, edit and maintain workflows, or set it up for you so it is ready to go.

Document template creation and maintenance

Whether it be court forms or advice letters to clients, life is made easier by populating proforma documents with data held in Actionstep. I can help you set up your Actionstep templates to require as little as possible editing by the user.

Email template creation and maintenance

Why type the same thing every time? Actionstep email templates ensure every contact your firm has with clients and other parties is professional.

End-user training

Whether your firm is just starting out with Actionstep or has been using it for a long time, I can assist with training your end users. I offer set training programs for groups or individuals, or I can work with your firm to create bespoke programs to cover specific areas of Actionstep.

Administrator training

Trust account regulation compliance training with Actionstep
System/Process analysis and education