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About Janet Preston, JP Practice Management Services

With almost 8 years of experience as Practice Manager at Alliance Family Law in Canberra, I am extremely proficient in both day to day use and the administration of Actionstep. My time as a super user of Actionstep builds on the years I spent as a software application trainer and tester for an electronic document management system (DataWorks) in the early 2000s, prior to having children.

Outside of work, I am a mum of two teenagers who still live at home and step-mum of two older girls who are wonderfully independent. My husband and I are looking forward to becoming empty nesters! I love to travel (from the days when we were allowed to do so), read (mostly audio books these days, due to time constraints) and run (parkrun forever!). I am also a very new hobby beekeeper and love hanging out with my bees.

Inside work, I love the tailorability of Actionstep. It is incredibly powerful and can be set up to meet the needs of each individual organisation. It is a one stop shop for documents, emails, time-keeping, billing and file notes and, when set up properly, ensures that no tasks or steps of the process slip through the cracks.

My favourite part of working with Actionstep is finding a way to solve a problem faced by a firm, whether it be through reporting, template documents or emails, automated tasks or similar. I get a particular kick out of setting up a template in such a way that when a document is generated, it is ready to be sent with limited or no editing by the user.